Faith Melgar | Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB)

Previous studies:
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University

Spoken languages:
English and Filipino

Hey there! ^-^

I'm Faith Melgar from the Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) programme doing the Strategic Consulting Track—here at ESSEC Asia-Pacific in sunny, sunny Singapore.

A cool thing about me is that I'm a third-culture kid—I was born in the Philippines, grew up in the UAE, and spent the pandemic years in Mauritius. Having this backdrop to my upbringing helped me develop a keen sense of interest and wonder about different cultures and its people. I love hearing about people's stories and even enjoy getting food recommendations in the process!

But do you want to know my real fun fact? I'll tell you anyways! Before ESSEC, I was doing a pre-medical programme for my undergraduate degree—Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My background is neither in Finance nor in Management, at all! But the shift in career tracks came from a place of wanting to better use my skills, experiences, and interests to affect a positive change into the world as I hope to get into ESG-related roles after my programme. Strategy and management, after all, isn't just about coming up with the best solutions to problems and plans for the organisations' future. Prior to even finding solutions and coming up with plans—a good strategist needs an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders involved and the intercultural arena at play. And in order, to implement a good strategy—you need to present it with the right story.

All this combined is why taking the SMIB at ESSEC is the right programme for me. While my previous background serves as the basis for my mindset and viewpoints, the SMIB equips me with the skills and tools to create strategies that can translate into real action.

Curious about the SMIB programme now? No problem, I got you! If you've got any questions about the programme, life in Singapore, or just want to talk about your background and goals to see if we can find a fit—feel free to drop me a message. I'm looking forward to having a conversation with you! ^-^

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