Nikita Raman Gundala | MSc in Marketing Management and Digital

Previous studies:
Bachelor of Mass Media, HR College of Commerce and Economics (University of Mumbai)

Spoken languages:
Telugu (Native), Hindi (Native), English (Fluent)

Namaste! Hello!

My name is Nikita Gundala and I'm currently enrolled in the MSc in Marketing Management and Digital program at ESSEC Singapore! I did my Bachelors in Mass Media from the University of Mumbai and went to work in the PR and influencer marketing industries. I often say that I'm good at communicating and making good conversation with people, but, the real challenge comes when you have to deal with people in the workspace and manage deadlines simultaneously. I grew immensely during those years.

Throughout my college and school life, I was a performer. I love singing and enrolled myself in major competitions and was a main member of my college band. Performing onstage gave me confidence like no other. It gave me the courage to speak to people openly and that it's okay to make mistakes. Each time I realized that I was getting better and better at involving the crowd a lot more.

I have been volunteering since my school days in various social work initiatives mainly in the health and the education sectors. I learnt so much compassion and empathy that it makes me look at human beings in a different light and the problems become much clearer. This will hopefully give me the chance to be much more present during conversations and also be able to leverage these strengths during my stint in the MMD program with the various group projects and also just making closer friends in general!

Since I love talking and meeting people, I'm always open to chatting about anything under the sky! Please feel free to say hi if you see me either in the corridors or in the cafeteria (that's where I always am) and let's brew a lovely conversation!

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