Vedansh Goyal | ESSEC Global BBA | International Admission | Cergy Campus

Previous studies:
High School Diploma, Mayo College, Ajmer, India

Spoken languages:
English, Hindi, intermediate French and basic German

Hello everyone!

I am a third year student at ESSEC Business School, pursuing the Global BBA program. Even though I have spent all my life living in India, the wanderlust in me took me across Europe and Asia numerous times, and I can gladly say that I did a lot of things on my bucket list - including backpacking through Europe and skydiving.

During the last year of my high school, in unison with all my fellow classmates, I applied to many UK universities and got through them. While I was all set to go to the UK, in late February, I got to know about ESSEC. After seeing the variety of programs, I made up my mind to apply and join ESSEC. And I am delighted to be here.

The programs that ESSEC offers have no match. I will soon be starting my IBEA track, which gives me the chance to study in 4 continents each semester and immerse myself in the culture of these beautiful countries. That's the best thing you will find in ESSEC- the diversity. And this diversity exists not only in the different programs and courses offered, but also in terms of students. ESSEC creates a very strong international environment and you can build your network with people from across the world. ESSEC would help you become a global citizen- by helping you learn various languages, by mastering how to work in international groups, by taking in values of other cultures and much more!

My experience at ESSEC has been wonderful, and part of it is due to the university challenging me in every way. As each semester passes by, I feel like a better version of myself- academically, professionally and socially.

ESSEC has programs suited for everyone, and I'm sure you can find one that perfectly fits you! So, contact me, send me your questions. Let's begin your journey here and make it as memorable as possible!

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