Francisco Antonio Vazquez Garcia | ESSEC Global BBA | International Admission

Previous studies:
A-Levels, International School Andalucia (Sevilla, Spain)

Spoken languages:
Spanish, English

Hello! Hola!

My name is Francisco, and I am in my first year in the Global BBA program at ESSEC. I am from Spain and have never studied in another country before coming to ESSEC. I previously attended an international school where I studied A-levels (UK high school system) and Bachillerato (Spanish high school system)

In my opinion, ESSEC's Global BBA program is the most flexible and extensive; no other university offers a similar program, which allows you to experiment with various business departments as well as travel around the world in internships, double degree and the IBEA track over the course of four years. Another reason I chose this program is that it allows me to improve my language skills, as you will have language classes in addition to your studies, usually French and another language of your choice.

Another thing that struck me when I first arrived on campus was the diversity of nations that may be found in a single room. This provides you with the best opportunity to learn not only from others' cultures, but also from their ways of thinking.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the student life please feel free to contact me.

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