Yassine | BSc AIDAM | Parcoursup Process | 1st Year

Previous studies:
High School Diploma, Lycée Lyautey Morocco

Spoken languages:
French, Arabic & English

Hey everyone,

My name is Yassine and I’m a current first-year student of the BSc in AI, Data and Management Sciences.
My first language is French but I can also speak English and Arabic.
I am an open-minded, dynamic and creative person who never misses an opportunity to learn something new and bring a strong hand to my comrades.
I love to practice sports, very often it’s about tennis, as I have been a multiple-time National Tennis Championship winner, but I also appreciate gym and football. My athletic trait also makes me eager for perfection.
Concerning my studies, I studied in a French high school called Lycee Lyautey in Casablanca.
Therefore, I obtained a french baccalaureate with a one year specialized formation in Physics and Chemistry and a final specialization in Mathematics and Social and Economic Sciences. My diploma was obtained with the highest honors.
I am eager to pursue my studies in an international environment for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, an international academic setting offers a unique opportunity to expand my horizons, gain a broader perspective, and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Such exposure is invaluable in today's interconnected world.
I currently have to deal with classmates coming from all around the globe and it’s a fantastic experience.

Secondly, the program born from the collaboration between ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec is particularly appealing to me. This partnership combines the strengths of both institutions, offering a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach that aligns with my academic and career interests. It provides a blend of business and engineering education, a combination I believe is essential for addressing the complex challenges of our increasingly technology-driven world.
In essence, I see an international environment and this hybrid program as the ideal platforms to nurture my academic growth and prepare me for a globalized, multidisciplinary professional landscape. I am excited about the prospect of learning from the best of both worlds and contributing to this dynamic community.

I am now holding the role of ambassador for the first cohort of the Bachelor’s program in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences, with the ultimate goal of providing assistance, sharing my experience, and answering all the questions that a high school student and their parents may have as they navigate the path to higher education at ESSEC and CentraleSupélec !

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