Yuhan | BSc AIDAM | International Admission | 1st Year

Previous studies:
High School Diploma, International High School, B.O. Trilingual High School (Yunnan, China)

Spoken languages:
Chinese, English, Spanish, French

Hello!/ ¡Hola!/ 你好!/Bonjour!/Ciao!Welcome to my profile page!

My name is Yuhan and I’m currently a first-year student of the BSc AI, Data and Management Sciences (AIDAMS).

You are probably looking at my page due to your interest in the recently added AIDAMS program or you are just curious about the opportunities that ESSEC and CentraleSupélec provide. Well, you are in luck, I’m here to satiate your curiosity and answer all of your questions.

Before you ask your questions, I will begin by saying a few words about myself.
I’m not the type of person who sits at a desk studying all day, but rather an ambitious outgoing individual with an open-minded perspective.
- Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed traveling, painting, dancing, learning languages, and a lot more; but at the same time, I’ve invested myself in internships, volunteering, organization of activities, humanitarian clubs, and so on.
- I actively attended different kinds of events so that I would be able to acquaint myself with people of various backgrounds, from businessmen to artists.

Why did I introduce myself? Well, it’s because it represents my motivation to have attended this program. For more details, this bachelor represents to me the core values of who I am as a person, and the school community as a whole.

The openness of the school is not only in terms of diversity but also in innovation. The diversification is present in the students, professors, and everyone else who sets foot in this environment. The people here hold different cultures, ethnicities, and ambitions, that all intertwine into an atmosphere of open ideas, free spirits, and unity. Regarding innovation, the collaboration of these people gives rise to future endeavors and the conceptualization of new viewpoints.

Do not be fearful of the environment that you are showing an interest in as these concerns are something that I have also experienced. As such, I, as your senior, will be here to provide you with help and support in regard to your college life. Also, know there’s a big community behind you to support you along the way.

Having said that, feel free to get in touch for any further information about ESSEC, CentraleSupélec, and its AIDAMS program.

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