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ESSEC Asia-Pacific

A Study of Innovative Business Models in Emerging Countries

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The Asian Strategy Project

A three-month consulting project in partnership with Capgemini Invent. It is offered at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore to final year ESSEC Master in Management students. After a competitive selection process, students are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of Business Model Transformation in the Digital Era in Asian emerging markets by working on a real business issue faced by a company/ organization.

Since 2010, the partnership has created over 50 projects across 10 fast-growing Asian countries, involving over 40 companies, more than 150 Capgemini Invent coaches and graduating 267 alumni globally.

The ASP is a unique consulting program offering companies across Asia a fresh perspective into their business model transformation and digitalisation journey.

A Three-month Program

 on New Business Models in Asia


September - October
1-week training course on consulting skills provided by the Capgemini Invent Team

2-day academic case study writing course provided by ESSEC professors

Market analysis and identification of
research hypotheses

Definition of the approach: Presentation in front of the Pre-Departure Jury

Field Work

October- November                        
Field research based in the client’s office or chosen site (1-2 APAC countries)

Interviews of key stakeholders

Evaluation and validation of working

Drafting Phase and Final Presentation

November- December
An extensive business analysis and customized

Presentation to a jury comprised of the
ESSEC and Capgemini Invent management and executives from the company or

A complete academic case study on the innovative dimensions of the business model
with a focus on digital transformation


The "Learning-By-Doing" Concept

As a result of the Asian Strategy Project, our students and professors develop business cases annually for the client companies. These cases will be used by professors as classroom teaching material and might be published. Selected cases from previous editions of the Asian Strategy Project has also been published in a book titled "Experiencing Innovation in Asia: Cases in Business Model Development", with the aim of creating a respository of knowledge for business students, teachers and professionals who wish to learn more about innovative business models in Asia.

Learn about innovative business models in Asia

Experience an intensive field mission

Work in teams to develop professional competencies like autonomy, responsibility and creativity

Develop research and consulting skills applied to the Asian context

Previous ASP Editions

Market Entry Strategy and Profitability Study of a Digital Recruitment Platform for Freelancers and Gig Workers in Singapore and Malaysia
Business Model Transformation for Helicopter Engines Customer Support in Philippines and Nepal Markets
Design Implementation of Common Facility Centers and Rural Entrepreneurship Hubs in West Bengal
Building a Direct-to-consumer Brand in South East Asia, in the Personalized Beauty Industry in Singapore and Thailand
Opportunity and Implementation Study from Lab to Market for Microgrid Business in Indonesia
Business Model Definition for Modular Construction in Asia, with a focus on Chinese and Hong Kong Markets
Market Domination Strategy for a Mobile Payment App in Singapore and Scale-up Plan for Future Expansion

A unique learning experience

"ASP has been a learning experience. It gives you a sneak peek into the life of a consultant. Also, you get the opportunity to be trained by Capgemini consultants which gives you strong insights about the management consulting profession. You interact and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. It gives youu the chance to understand the cultural similarities and differences and learn from them at the same time. I believe that the professional and interpersonal skills developed and honed during the ASP would be helpful in our future careers, be it consulting, entreprenuership or any other profession."

“ASP is a perfect blend of a real client interaction, a pedagogic viewpoint, practicality around strategic issues and a tenure of exploring team dynamics. The 3 months are loaded with a tremendous workload and a nascent venture into the consulting world that helps one discover what lies inside this industry. For me, ASP was like a course project made live by introducing real stakeholders. Along with being extremely challenging and enriching, it was a fun student-project that one could expect to do as a part of his/ her curriculum.”  

"The Asian strategy project was a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to discover the profession of consultant through a challenging and interesting mission and within an invested team. The experience both human and professional has been very rewarding. I would recommend this program to anyone willing to have a first experience and discover the profession of consultant".

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