A mesh of the best of ESSEC research and academic skills for your company


The ESSEC Executive Education team assembles the best of academic and professional talent to create unparalleled customized programs that help your organization achieve its goals.


The ESSEC Executive Education team assembles the best of academic and professional talent to create unparalleled customized programs that help your organization achieve its goals.

Our top executive programs fuse cutting edge research skills, project-dedicated faculty professors, professional partners, with state-of-the-art talent to achieve incomparable group and individual development. We strongly believe that more than a series of events, top executive development is a process. That is why, beyond mere group training, we create astute and highly structured programs that exploit our unique pedagogical and technological resources. Our teams use their fine-tuned logistical capabilities to create long-term multifaceted programs that range from individual to large group activities, both face-to-face and across great distances.

The ESSEC Executive Education team has been involved in the professional development of top managers and Comex members for decades. We’ve witnessed their long-term professional and personal successes. With such unrivaled expertise, we are your company’s experienced companion to oversee cultural and business transformations to face the challenges of the future. With more than 100 customized training projects per year, our teams are adept at implementing programs that draw on innovative pedagogical engineering tailored to the specific needs of clients, and deployed both on our campuses and at client-selected locations. As a result, beyond mere traditional education, we implement programs that achieve profound managerial transformation to help your organization develop the leaders of tomorrow.


  • 100 corporate clients
    trust us for their custom programs

  • About 120 programs run each year

  • 3,000 participants
    per year

  • #15 in the world
    2016 (FT ranking)
    #10 in Europe
    2017 (FT ranking)

ABOUT CUSTOM PROGRAMS Our tailor made programs are customized in 3 different ways.
  • By objective and company context

    Managerial transformation schemes, high potential development programs, general management programs, specific expertise training programs, materclasses: we create specific schemes according to your development objectives.


  • By participants and cultures

    ExCom, top managers, high potential managers, experts: we design specific learning paths adapted to the different levels of management you need to involve in your transformation. We also have the ability to deal with multicultural stakes and our programs are designed for international populations of managers.

  • By industry

    Automotive, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, banking, media, logistics, construction, retail, ...: our teams are specialized by sector and are well aware of your industry challenges. We customize our training paths and academic contents according to your industry challenges and business models.

THE ESSEC EXPERIENCE Our tailor-made programs are conceived as inclusive learning & development journeys, built around 3 dimensions to develop tomorrow LEADERs for your organization.
  • Develop, Evolve & Reach out
  • - 360 assessment
  • - Leadership profiles
  • - Individual coaching & development plan
  • - Managerial on the job accompaniement
  • - Group coaching
  • - Tutoring of strategic projects
  • Learn & Experiment
  • - Masterclasses and conferences
  • - Simulations and game-based activities
  • - Business Cases
  • - Participative workshops
  • - Benchmarking
  • - Virtual classroom and workshops,
    e-learning, MOOCs, online communities, social learning, collaborative platforms...
  • Explore, benchmark & build Awareness
  • - Campus Experience
  • - Networking & promotion effect
  • - Learning expedition
  • - Escape game
  • - Immersions in disruptive environments
  • - Inspirational speakers
  • - Imagination week
  • - Purpose week
METHODOLOGY Our methodology is driven by...
Your need

At the beginning of each project, our dedicated teams, organized by industry practices, take the time to analyse with you your detailed context, stakes, culture, strategy and your specific needs. Our experienced teams approach each new project with a fresh eye, and take the time to understand who you are, what is meaningful to you and how we can best help you to take advantage of the core of ESSEC to reach your goals.

Your program

In this design phase, which is carried out in co-construction, we summarize the understanding of your need in a completely customized high impact program. We elaborate the structure, the content and the teaching methods to create a detailed program proposal. Each teaching cap will then be meticulously engineered - a genuine 4-hands work between your experts and our speakers, of which we ensure the orchestration. By providing the best of research and facilitation techniques to serve your challenges, we hence create unique programs, that resemble you and emphasize to your benefit the best we have to offer.

The experience

We create unique learning experiences that coordinate innovative educational approaches, high level content and exceptional accompaniment. The comfort of our participants is ensured on our campuses and anywhere else, so that they can peacefully enjoy their experience. We carefully monitor our participant’s satisfaction and the impact of our programs, and draw a specific attention on the integration of the feedback that is given to us to improve even more.

A TEAM FOR YOU A team composed of professionals eager to make your experience at ESSEC unique!
  • Cécile Arragon Cécile Arragon Custom Programs Director {Fr-En-Es-It}
  • Raphaelle Jourdan Raphaëlle Jourdan Head of Business Development {Fr-En}
  • Mélie Joubert Mélie Joubert KAM-Practice Media, Consulting & Food {Fr-En}
  • Zuhey Cota Zuhey Cota KAM-Practice Automobile, Transportation & Construction {Fr-En-Sp}
  • Stéphanie Pelletier Stéphanie Peltier Program Manager {Fr-En}
  • Lou Lehman Lou Lehmann Program Manager {Fr-En}
  • Jana Dittfurth Jana Dittfurth Program Manager {Fr-En-De}
  • Houda Boughanmi Houda Boughanmi Program Manager {Fr-En-Ar}
  • Muriel Saint Martin Muriel Saint Martin Program Manager {Fr-En}
  • Jihane Erkouni Jihane Erkouni Program Manager {Fr-En-Esp-Ar}
A multitude of assets available to you and your team
  • Nissan Europe Dp² Program

Today, and in the years to come, the automotive industry will need to face more radical developments and fast-paced social trends than ever before.
Dealerships, will have to cope with changing and increasingly challenging customer behaviors and needs as well as innovative technologies and purchasing habits.
With a need for more qualified staff and other strategic investments, the industry will have to adopt a new mindset and new business ways to be prepared to face this new generation of custumers.
The Nissan DP² Program has been thought out specifically to meet these challenges. Tailored to the requirements of Nissan dealers and as a result of close cooperation between 5 leading and prestigious Business Schools in Europe, the program will provide state of the art Business Research concepts and ideas directed towards achieving excellence giving Nissan and Nissan Dealers that special competitive edge.
Because excellence is the key to success.

  • Synlab
  • Laboratoires Servier (Leading Performance Program)
  • Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
  • Ramsay Générale de Santé
  • Korian
  • Celgène
  • FNMF
  • Novartis
  • Takeda
  • Laboratoires Servier Leading Performance Program

The pharmaceutical industry is today at a turning point in its history. One of Servier’s key stake is to continue and accompany key strategic orientations that have been defined as their compass, while defining, sharing and embodying Servier corporate culture.
In this context of group transformation, with Servier’s strategic goals and managerial culture deployment stakes in mind, the organization relies on his Top Executives to enhance the Group’s performance in order to successfully build its future.
This program was conceived to help Executives implement the local and transversal strategy in a more collaborative, fast and simple way, providing the tools to make a difference, and to pilot the strategy implementation in coherence with the axes of Servier’s managerial culture.

Banking & Insurance Banking & Insurance
  • Groupama
  • Intériale
  • Axa
  • Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie Management journey

Banking is a rapidly changing industry that is currently facing one of its biggest paradigm shift.
In April 2015 CABP launched his business project, drawing the roadmap that will drive its future growth and respond to its current challenges.
One of the key axes of this project is “The manager as an entrepreneur”, which highlights:
1. The lack of support provided to CABP managers and their need to be trained in management
2. The lack of transversality, that impairs their ability to work in a more agile and collaborative way
In order to respond to these challenges, CABP has forged a solid collaboration with ESSEC (currently on its second year) to offer their managers a degree-awarding management programme (BADGE label, certified level II).
CABP “Management journey” aims to answer 3 key issues :
- To develop the managers that will be part of the succession plan
- To reward and motivate the target group
- To further develop transversality in management practice

Media Media
  • Group M
  • Publicis
  • Omnicom
  • Dentsu Aegis
  • Mediamétrie
  • Euromedia
Logistics & Transport Logistics & Transport
  • Air France
  • SNCF
  • Fret SNCF
  • Marsa Maroc

Marsa Maroc has teamed up with ESSEC Executive Education in order to established and develop à cross-functional skills program among Senior Executives of the group.
The objective: Building an Executive tailor program that will allow the participants to benefit from high-level interventions, an active and adapted pedagogy to the port industry as well as the know-how of ESSEC.
Created to answer to a need for more qualify and skilled managers, the program will help the participants to evolve in an industry challenged not only by the digital disruption but by the evolution in the management notions.
The purpose ; Allow MARSA MOROC to remain the leader in its market and prepare it’s teams to take on the challenge successfully.

Food / Agribusiness Food / Agribusiness
  • Danone
  • Coop de France
  • Adisseo (Advanced Management Program)
  • Lindt
  • Adisseo Advanced Management Program

Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts in feed additives. The group relies on its 7 research centers and its production sites based in Europe and China to design, produce and market nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed. With more than1,900 employees, it serves around 2,600 customers in over 100 different countries through its global distribution network.
For several years, the market of the animal nutrition has faced massive competition, in particular from Asia. Adisseo thus has to adapt itself and innovate to remain competitive and preserve its place as a leader.

In this context of environment transformation,with Adisseo strategic goals and managerial culture deployment stakes in mind, the organization relies on his managers to be active players in their own management curve and that of their team.
Adisseo Advanced Mangement Program trains them to convey group strategy that will guarantee the Group’s success in the coming years.
This program’s goal is to harmonize and enhance management skills in the three mains areas:
- Human aspects: Management & leadership,
- Performance: Running business units successfully
- Innovation: Preparing managers to implement changes.

This help Managers implement the local and transversal strategy in a more collaborative, simple and fast way, providing the tools to make a difference, and to pilot the strategy implementation in coherence with the axes of Adisseo managerial culture.

Construction Construction
  • SPIE
  • Eurovia
  • Eiffage
  • Vinci (Trajectoire)
  • Soletanche
  • Saint Gobain
  • Vinci Trajectoire

The Construction industry is in constant movement. In order to provide the future Business Unit Managers with the necessary tools to take on their new roles successfully, Vinci Construction France and CESAME have teamed up with ESSEC Executive Education with the objective of building a tailor program that will allow participants to benefit from high-level interventions, an active and adapted pedagogy and the know-how of ESSEC.
The « Trajectoire » program, is a certifying training.
Listed in the R.N.C.P. (National Register of Professional Certifications) and recognized throughout France, this program will allow participants to pursue later on, the M.O.P (Operations Manager) Diploma.

IT & Consulting/Audit IT & Consulting/Audit
  • INTM
  • Crossknowledge
  • Secafi
  • Blizzard
  • KPMG
Hospitality Hospitality
  • ACCOR (IHMP 2.0)
  • Hilton
  • Kempinski
  • Louvre Hotel
  • ACCOR IHMP 2.0

Accor IHMP is a long running management development program delivered jointly by Academie Accor & Essec Business School with a high degree of participant satisfaction, retention and progression.
IHMP 2.0 is a reboot of the programme that aims at aligning the program to current transformation of both the company and participants:
- Combination of residential modules with alternative, more flexible, pedagogical experiences.
- Typical program length shortened to 6 months.

Program built around 3 core track residential module to build cohort spirit, for total residential training time reduced to 18,5 days
- Offering pre-requisite and post session electives to adapt training possibilities to participants different backgrounds, positions and training needs
- Use of technology based methods to offer flexibility

Telecom Telecom
  • Orange
  • MTN
Education Education
  • AGU Barhein
  • Medine
Retail & Distribution Retail & Distribution
  • Celio
  • Nespresso
  • Auchan (Executive Graduate Program)
  • Chantelle
  • Carrefour
  • Auchan Executive Graduate Program

Auchan Retail International develops a training program for young talent already employed or to be recruited. The executive Graduate Program aims to develop, retain and motivate young talent and to ensure: That participants be spotted as a bet * at People review in 4 years.
In 10 years, they will occupy strategic positions in Group companies 4 promotions, the first starting in January 2016 and consequently one new promotion per year For each promotion the program is spread over 4 years. 35 people per promotion (ie a total target of 140 international bets formed in 4 promotions) of less than 32 years. The bet * will be a member of the executive committee / strategic function in 7 years.

Luxury Luxury
  • Clarins
  • LVMH
Energy Energy
  • EDF
  • Engie
  • ISTA
Industry Industry

The nuclear industry is today at a turning point in its history with the development of renewable energies.
Areva has launched in 2015 a strategic transformation plan in a context of crisis and restructuring.
This program “Change maker” was conceived with the HR department and Areva University.
The main objective was to provide tools and methods in change management.
The second objective was to create a network of relays.